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Directions for use


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Directions for Use

Thank you for purchasing one of our Hand Wash Stations! You are on your way to clean hands. Simply follow these easy steps.

  1. No need to ever take off the whole top of the hand wash station. Open the water spout by unscrewing the white cap on the lid. You can lift up the spout, but it’s not necessary. Fill the container with clean water. You can use the kitchen sink to fill the 2 gallon. Put the white cap back on the water spout and tighten gently.




Important! The soap dispenser consists of pump AND tube(straw).
Please check box for all items. 


  1. Lift the black metal soap dispenser pump up to remove it and fill the container with any liquid soap of your choice (11 oz max). Then put the soap pump back and pump it a few times to get the soap flowing


  The supplied black tubing can be used as an extension of the water          spigot if needed. Insert one end of the tubing over the spigot by              pushing up. Turn the valve and water will flow out through the tube.



  1. Pump the soap container a few times to dispense soap into your hands.
  2. Turn on the white spigot at the bottom to wash your hands with clean water.
  3. If the flow of water stops or just seems to trickle out then turn the white cap on the water spout a little to vent and the water should start to flow again. Then, gently tighten the cap again for transport.
  4. Turn off the white spigot to stop the flow of water.

When not in use you may pour out the remaining water by opening the white cap and let air dry.

 Questions or replacement parts please contact us at


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